Video 10.1 – Purpose

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to…

  1. Recognize the three elements of PURPOSE (Values + Vision + Mission).
  2. Identify at least one cause or subject that they are passionate about.
  3. Create a piece of artwork that symbolizes something they’re passionate about and present the artwork back to the group with an explanation.

1. Watch Video

VIDEO RUN TIME: 3 mins, 35 seconds

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Whiteboard or chalkboard

2. Discussion Questions

PURPOSE = Values + Vision + Mission. So let’s discuss our purpose:

Values are why you do what you do. What do you value? What’s important to you?

Vision is what you are going to do about it. What are some things you could do?

Mission is how you’re going to carry it out. Develop a detailed plan of action.

What are some things you can you do today to begin living your purpose?

3. Group Activities

At the top of the board write: PURPOSE = Values (why) + Vision (what) + Mission (how)

A.  Break into groups of three or four. Have the students discuss things they’re passionate about. What makes them tick? What are some purposes they could get involved with? Some examples could be: Poverty, Health and Wellness, The Environment, Education, etc.

B.  Next, have each group pick one idea as a team, and begin talking through the Values, Vision, and Mission sections.

C.  After about 5 minutes bring the groups back together and have each present their idea.

4. Individual Assignment

Make a piece of artwork that symbolizes a purpose you’re passionate about (such as poverty, the environment, education, etc.). You can be as creative as you want, using any artistic medium as long as A) It’s appropriate, and B) You can describe what it means to you and why. Bring the artwork next time we meet and be prepared to present it to the group.

Video 10.2 – Purpose

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to…

  1. Examine the importance of being involved in a cause greater than themselves.
  2. Compare and contrast the personal attributes of pop culture celebrities who are self-focused ego maniacs versus their humble counterparts.
  3. Plan for where they want their life to be in two years from now and analyze how they could make a difference in the lives of others.

1. Watch Video

VIDEO RUN TIME: 2 mins, 8 seconds

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Whiteboard or chalkboard. Paper and pencils. Candy bar prize.

2. Discussion Questions

Do you think each of us plays the “starring role” in a story all about us?

What’s it like talking to a person who hasn’t discovered that other people exist?

What makes a story worth living? What makes a great life story?

If someone described the story of your life in one sentence, what would they say?

If you could pick anything (and you can) what would you want your future story to be?

3. Group Activities

A.  Play a game with the students. Have them each create a list of 10 celebrities (movie stars, athletes, musicians, etc.) who are famous for having some of the biggest egos in the world.

B.  Next, have the students compare their lists. Whenever they find another student with a match, they sign each other’s papers. The person with the most signatures at the end wins. And yes, you can get multiple signatures – just sign every time you have a match.

C.  At the end of the game, see who has the most signatures and award a prize.

D.  Discuss celebrities who didn’t appear on any of the lists because they are apparently humble individuals who recognize the value of other people.

4. Individual Assignment

Write a paragraph and title it “Two Years From Now.” In the paragraph describe where you want to be in your life two years from now. What will your life be like? What will you have accomplished in two years? How will your life make a difference in the lives of others?